Steve Meertens Gearing Up For The Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

The Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is nearly here and I'm really looking  forward to the weekend.  I have been in touch with the organisers a bit as the event draws closer and this has been great so everything is starting to feel very real.  
This week has been another week off the bike for me and I am not sure at all if this is the correct build up but I have been running each day.   The reasoning for this is that I had started to feel a bit stale with all the cycling training I was doing and by having a few days off the bike I actually really looking forward to getting back on it next week.  Also, I find if I go for a 45 minute run then it is a good workout and gets the blood pumping and the legs moving.
The plan for the pre-race week is pretty simple.  I'll probably be going for daily runs as I have been doing this week and about 72 hours before the event I'll just relax and stretch and start to put together all the gear I'll need for Taupo.  I imagine next Friday in Taupo is going to be fairly different in town then when I am normally in the region for work with all the riders coming from all over NZ and further afield for the race.  I am looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere and showing around my little two year old boy as he's a big fan of anything with wheels.
I'll be keeping a bit more of a close eye on my nutrition before the event too and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into plenty of carbohydrates in the lead up to the event.  As I have previously mentioned the only person I am racing in Taupo really is myself and as cliche as it sounds I think that everyone that attempts events like this is a winner because it is very easy to sit on a comfortable couch and not give these sorts of things a crack.
My personal goal is a sub 5 hour time however I would genuinely be stoked just to finish the race because whether I finish 50th, 500th or 5000th in my classification is pretty irrelevant.  Having said that I'll probably be off like a bull in a china shop roaring away whilst all the proper cyclists just power past me! 

For the event it's been confirmed that I'll be wearing a WASPcam which is a high definition action sport camera to capture footage of my ride so my efforts will be available to be seen in glorious detail on the big screens around the finish area.  Hopefully the last image on this won't be of me coming off my bike and getting a face full of tarmac.  
Bring it on Taupo.

Steve Meertens


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